About Me

Hello! My name is CJ, and my goal with this blog is to inspire others with my transformative story. I have grown a great deal in the past 3 years. Since March, 2012, I’ve lost over forty pounds and really changed my life by developing a keen passion for fitness and nutrition.

I am from the American South, and was raised in a family that LOVES food, and I still do. The important step that I had to take was to change my relationship to it. I had to understand food as an energy source, a delicious form of fuel, and that food has a source- it does not just magically appear, summoned by our money at a grocery store.

A few of my motivations for this change included understanding my family history (cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, etc.) and my own mortality, living my life not just for myself, but for those around me as well- I have friends and family who love me very much, to not take care of my health is selfishly self-destructive, and finally I learned more about food: where it comes from, the ethics of its harvesting, and why I should or should not be eating different types of food.

I was raised an omnivore, and was vegetarian for most of the past decade, but have switched between pescetarian back to omnivore and vegetarian due to various social pressures from friends and relationships. It’s not very easy to walk your own path, especially when others around you, people who mean a great deal to you, walk another. When I attained my nutritional enlightenment, and really began to eat and select my food mindfully, my relationship to food changed drastically.

With obesity and poor nutrition being such a difficulty in modern society, it is my wish to share what I have learned and to inspire others to grow with me!

In addition to posts about nutrition, I will be sharing spiritual and life lessons that I’ve have learned more recently. 2014 was a particularly challenging year for me, but I learned a lot and grew from it. I am so grateful for where I am now, and I know that a lot of the issues that I face are common among my friends, and probably society in general.

Thanks for reading!



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